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Participants' Reactions

“We were only able to participate for one day. I loved being the support car. I am an athlete, and I know the value of having support for big events. The community and friendship of the group is inspiring. I hope to participate as a rider in the future. Mark and I were especially touched by the familial camaraderie of the event. After his injury, the group waited for him, facilitated a stressful and complex ambulance ride to the hospital and supported us for the day that followed. It is a bit scary to have a serious injury in a country where your language skills are limited. Being part of this group made him and both of us feel cared for and well-supported.”


“What do I think about 6Points? …

“The support and camaraderie for each other is truly heart-warming, nobody is less important, nobody judges each other’s abilities or fitness levels, we are all in it together, no matter what standard you can cycle or whatever support role you are playing.

“I feel so happy and proud to be a member of this unique family :)”


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