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2024 Tenerife

Reverence Hotels 6Points Challenge Tenerife

27 – 29 September 2024

As the sun rose over Tenerife’s rugged landscapes, cyclists from around the globe converged for the inaugural Reverence Hotels 6Points Cycling Challenge Tenerife.
With the Atlantic breeze teasing their jerseys, riders embraced the thrill of conquering the island’s diverse terrains – from coastal roads kissed by waves to volcanic mountain ascents challenging even the most seasoned cyclists.
The allure of Tenerife, with its high volcanic peaks and winding roads, became a canvas for cyclists seeking both breathtaking views and unparalleled challenges. Each pedal stroke echoed the excitement of venturing into uncharted 6Points cycling territory, with 6Points and #bikeguidetenerife serving as the guide to a new chapter in cycling adventures.
Participants will forge bonds amidst the dramatic scenery, sharing stories of conquering switchbacks and descending into vibrant coastal towns.
The Tenerife event, a testament to 6Points’ will to unite cyclists in a celebration of camaraderie and the shared passion for the open road.
6Points Challenge Tenerife will comprise three stages:
Most 6Pointers will arrive in Tenerife South Airport and Stage 1 is from Los Cristianos up the wonderful east coast to our main hotel base in Puerto de la Cruz-  – 134 kms and 2177 metres. Stage 2 is a scenic tour of the north west and is a gentle day in preparation for Stage 3! – 48 kms and 1086 metres.  And Stage 3….. be prepared!! This is what you came for – Mount Teide – 45 km climb up the highest peak in Spain and one of the highest volcanos in Europe – 99 kms and 2520 metres!

And, to top off a great weekend,  we will finish back at iconic Lago Martiánez for a drink or two and tapas.

We will then head off the our hotel for showers before having a wonderful Finale Dinner.

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Limited Capacity

After four very successful years, we have set a limit of 75 riders. This helps us provide a fantastic experience for everyone – sign up early so you don’t miss out!  Sign up here >>