This ultra distance cycling event is ridden around Mallorca and raises money for charity. Now in its third edition, it has already earned a reputation as a fun but tough event that epitomises cycling at its best.

6Points is an unsupported ride around the whole of the beautiful island of Mallorca, covering over 400 kms, climbing 7500 metres and touching the four compass extremities of the island as well as the highest and lowest points over 3 days.

This ride is NOT a race. It is an opportunity to participate in a challenging ride, with like-minded cyclists to enjoy the island’s diverse beauty and the friendship and camaraderie of fellow riders.

6Points supports sustainable cycling whose riders care for the environment and practice courtesy to fellow road users.

The Challenge

The first, very successful event took place in May 2017 and attracted 26 riders of whom 7 cyclists finished and one, Orlando Jimenez Bonilla, completed it non-stop in 16 hours and 56 minutes!

The second edition took place in May 2018 and was, in all measures, a huge success! More than 43 cyclists enjoyed riding through the beautiful scenery, stopped for coffees and lunches, luxuriated in the hospitality of Tolo’s in Puerto Pollensa and the camaraderie of like-minded friends.

This is the route – it is about 400 kilometres long and riders will climb over 7500 metres during the event!

The inaugural 2017 event raised €6,400 for two charities on the island  – Allen Graham Foundation for Kids and the RANA Foundation.

And we are even more proud that the 2018 edition raised a huge €27,774 for Asdica.  To witness the happy faces of the members of Asdica at the finish was a life memory.  We are delighted with the way Asdica is using the funding and we are pleased to continue to support them in 2019.

6Points is organised by a group of dedicated local cyclists in conjunction with the Ajuntament de Calvia (Town Council).

We work hard to make the 6Points Challenge different and the character of the event is to have fun, ride hard (but not too hard), build friendships and camaraderie and to thoroughly enjoy the whole experience. Therefore, we will stop for coffee and lunches, stay in good hotels and enjoy dinners in good restaurants!


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Tolo's Restaurant
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We are delighted to continue our support for Asdica as our charity for the 2019 event!  They have been absolutely wonderful and the money that the event has raised has made a huge difference to them

Asdica is about 20 years old and was founded as an association of people with disabilities to help each other in the Calvia district. Typically this means people with autism, Down’s syndrome, physical disabilities, etc. The State does provide special schools for the disabled but there is no support for them during their leisure time. There clearly was a distinct need to help the disabled children and their families and give them a break. It was also clear that the disabled children wanted to do things on their own or in their peer group rather than being taken out by family all of the time.

And so, Asdica was formed…

They currently support a total of 140 members and there are about 30 to 35 young people who actively use the services. Clearly this is limited but the funds that Asdica has available.

The young people are aged between about 13 to 35 with and average age of about 22.

Asdica supports their members by helping them with a large number of skills:

  • Social skills, things as simple (to us) as buying bus fares to enable them to be mobile, studying, co-ordination, language, communication, interaction, etc.
  • Preparing for work and employment – this program is as a direct result of the funding 6Points has provided and we wholeheartedly support this initiative

They also do many planned activities, such as:

  • Trips out to Palma, Zumba, Sport. Travel to Barcelona and Madrid
  • They have an annual theatre show – this year it is ‘Dirty Dancing’
  • They do a fashion show in conjunction with the Palma Design School to display the T-shirts that the School has designed
  • They do painting and offer a band of drums for the local fiesta marching groups

So, in summary, they do fantastic work and it is a pleasure to support them.

For more information, please go to: http://www.asdica.com/


6Points supports and promotes sustainable cycling meaning that we, and our members:
  • Promote safe cycling
  • Obey the traffic laws
  • Are considerate to other road users – we conscientiously avoid slowing up other traffic and help vehicles to pass us, safely
  • Are not aggressive to other road users who are aggressive to us
  • Do not litter
  • Support anti-plastic pollution and, in particular, support www.Cleanwave.org in the Balearic Islands


  • That was one of the best events I've ever done... (And I've done a lot of events!).

    Katie Handyside Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist
  • I completed my first big ride - - - and really enjoyed it! .... such a great charity event!

  • ... the challenge was a great event to meet new cyclists and, at the same time, cycling for a great cause. A very enjoyable event and I will definitely be looking forward to the next one!

    Richard Ship's Captain
  • This was my first trip to Mallorca and what a great way to see the island! The route was brilliantly planned to capture the beauty of the place. The team spirit was incredible and, at the end of the three days, strangers felt like old friends. Bring on next year!

    Joe Barr
  • I've completed many long distance events but none compare to this - amazing scenery, interesting route, camaraderie and, above all, the amount of fun the whole group had over the three days meant that it was easily the best weekend I have ever had on a bike!

  • It was the most fun event that I have ever ridden and I want to make sure that it carries the fun element into the future. The ingredients that we have baked into the Six-Points are already making it an iconic, "must do" event for cyclists. Come and join us!  

    Bryan Visser Six-Points founder